31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN




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Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora NEITH SENTIS

15' CATALUNYA Lleida i ANGLATERRA Manchester    
Directora i guionista Neith Sentis    
Repartiment Elise Solano, Damià Plensa, Montse Ribadellas, Enric Cervera
Sinopsi The sole inhabitants of an old tiny village in the Catalonian Pyrenees will take any opportunity to keep their place alive, when they receive a visit from a couple looking for a house where they can start a family.


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director PABLO LOZANO

AGUA (Water)


Director Pablo Lozano      

Sinopsi Mirta Sésé Franco (grandmother) (65) and Lisnay Veliz Brito (little girl) (12) star in an audiovisual essay that seeks to explore the relationship of “self” with the “inner child"". Through a simple mantra, director Pablo Lozano presents an elderly woman and a little girl sharing the same space and time; only one of the two may in the end come out and play.




Director Tobias Schmuecking

Repartiment Annette Schaefer, Vanessa Aab, Mirka Pigulla, Verena Weiler

Sinopsi After a strange dream, filmmaker Luzie wakes up with the feeling of having found an incredible story.  Luzie begins to make a film based on 2 images from her dream and she investigates the mystery of that dream.

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora OLGA KOROTKO



Directora Olga Korotko

Sinopsi A girl with a huge burn all over her face finally gets a hope to have a normal look, to integrate into society, but for this she needs to pass through some challenge.

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora ALEXIA MUIÑOZ



Direcció, guió i producció Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Fotografia Susana Sanz Música Ramon Polo  Director de Arte Rafael Marrero. Muntatge Aimar Galdós. Gènere Drama fantàstic 
Repartiment Alex Brull Actor, Helena Miquel i Josep  Antoni Lej
Sinopsi Asuntos Domésticos es un asunto de tres. Un triángulo de amor y terror, un cuento cruel que sucede una noche de verano de luna llena.

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora INDRA SPROGE


3' LATVIA Riga    

Directora Indra Sproge        

Sinopsi “Awesome Beetle’s Colors” is a 2:57 minutes long, fun and educative plasticine animation. The story goes : Awesome Beetles Color Dirty Elephant. Five Gorgeous Hippopotamuses Inspire the Jaguar. Kangaroos Like Marmelade. Naughty Octopusses Photograph the Queen. The Royal Spider Teaches an Unhappy Vampire. Wariors X-ray a Yellow Zebra. A nearly impossible story, supported by a catchy melody, guides us through the ABCs. There are many letters in the Alphabet and in the process of learning they are usually linked to nouns. We have created a link between all the letters of the Alphabet using nouns, adjectives and verbs. But most importantly - we also offer visual, audial and kinesthetic associations that help children in the process of learning. Children’s brains will make the necessary connections on their own and complicated things will be learned easily and effortlessly. In Latvia all kids have learned the alphabet by the Latvian counterpart of “Awesome Beetle’s Colors”, written by the artist Indra Sproge who is the director of this new animation. Now we have created this project in English so that children all over the world can learn Alphabet with great fun and ease! 


.Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora SANDRA SÀRRIAS


40' CATALUNYA Mataró

Directora i guionista Sandra Sàrrias

Fotografia Francesc Alarcón

Producció Procesus creatiu

Repartiment Sandra Sàrrias

Sinopsi Homenatge a Billy Holiday celebrant el centenari del seu naixement, inspirat en una selecció de les seves cançons. La protagonista espera amb fermesa i esperança que retorni el seu amor, un amor blanc que la fa evolucionar per sobre de les contradiccions a la cerca de la seva veritat.(es projectarà a la Casa de Cultura)


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director AMIN ALWAN



Director Amin Alwan      

Sinopsi The film presents a picture of the travel difficulties faced by Syrian passport holders, since Assad government have banned granting or renewal of oppositions' passports. The Syrian revolution launched against Assad in 2011, and millions of Syrians are forbidden from possessing passports today. 



Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora KEYURI NAIDOO


12' SOUTH AFRICA Pretoria

Directora Keyuri Naidoo

Sinopsi Jai and Jana are a young South African couple in love. This Sunday's dinner date is more complicated than a chess game... Not everything is black and white.

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director MAMDOU FADIALA KEITA

BROTHERHOOD EYE (L'œil de fraternité)

13' MALI Bamako    

Director Mamadou Fadiala Keita

Sinopsi A man richness refuses to help his brother in a precarious situation, because for him the friendship is more important than fraternity.



Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director KHABANE MOSES KHONGOANA


7' LESOTHO Maseru    

Director Khabane Moses Khongoana      

Sinopsi A martial art fighter guy is living with terror and loneliness after his brother's fatality, his brother was a drug dealer and the boss killed him mercilessly. The fighter sees revenge as only remedy to heal his heart and ultimately he kills his brother terminator.


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director KAMRAN SU


4' AZERBAIJAN Baku    

Director Kamran Su      

Sinopsi A young boy who could not have been paying home rent for two months is looking for a way, at the moment the television at home is intervening to incident indirectly. 



Direcció i guió Simon Intihar Producció Jožica Blatnik Fotografia Blaž Potokar Art Dušan Milavec So Peter Žerovnik Edició Blaž Gracar Repartiment Gaber K. Trseglav, Jana Zupančič, Juta Kremžar i Vita Kremžar
Sinopsi A man, who caused a tragedy which hurt his and his family's lives, wants only one thing: That the people he cares most about give him one last chance.

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director CLINT GALEA



Guió i direcció Clint Galea


Sinopsi A woman experimenting with virtual reality therapy gets lost between what's real, what's not real and what's in her head.



Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director HADJ ABB EL HAMID BOUDALIA


6' ALGERIA Tiaret     

Direcctor Hadj abd el Hamid Boudalia        

Sinopsi When a boy steals a valise of money followed  by his friends, so many dreams begin  about what to do  with money.


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director RADOVAN PETROVIC



Director Radovan Petrovic        

Sinopsi In the wake of the Syrian war and terror threats in Europe, a young guy wakes up in an unknown basement, tied up, next to two masked and armed guys with “terrorist” flag. Scared to death, he seeks a way to escape, but as it turns out in the end, not from terrorists but from a bad prank made by his friends. 


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director PABLO LATORRE


10' ARGENTINA        

Director Pablo Latorre Fotografia Nicolás Pernigotti  Música Pablo Cravzov. Repartiment Julian Badalotti Florencia Orban Pablo Castro Leguizamon. Gènere Romàntic.

Sinopsi  It is a love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes in place of Arthur, his father. Arthur oppose the relationship and try to prevent it. John achieve overcome all obstacles and get to his love.



Fotograma de la pel·lícula


11' Cameroon        

Director Neba Lawrence.

Sinopsi John Malinke, an African student from the Republic of Boluake in Central Africa, is required to take a course called ""English as a Third Language,"" designed for students who can barely understand a word in the language and who must pass the course prior to taking regular classes at Rodeoville University in Philadelphia, USA. The teacher, Carlson, is a frustrated, depressed male who doesn't understand why he got picked to teach the course. He makes fun of his students, assuming none of them understands a word he says. That's where the fun begins....   From the novel ""International Student Part One: Journey to America,"" by Jackai.


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora ACHITAPHON PIANSUKPRANSERT


4' Thailand        

Directora Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Sinopsi Love, Alone,and a girl in dream. 


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director OSAMA REZG



Director Osama Rezg 

Sinopsi A boy and his friends are playing in the street. He starts drawing the Libyan map on a wall. This drawing, not only does it drag the kids attention but also that of a tough and a scary looking stanger. He seems mad with it, all the kids run to their homes. The stranger turns what was once a cheerful playground into a terrifying place.  The evil man is soon surrounded by the united  and the fearless residents who put an end to his hate and destruction and brought the joy back to the street, allowing the boy to finish his drawing. 


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i el director OSAMA REZG


2'  LIBYA    

Director Osama Rezg        

Sinopsi A fisherman and his son bring colors and life back to a used old boat. They paint it the colors of the post revolution Libyan flag. Once the boat is ready, the set sail. 

Fotograma de la pel·lícula i la directora ARA JO


1' KOREA DEL SUR Ludwigsburg    

Directora Ara  Jo

Sinopsi Ein nachdenkliches Mädchen begegnet die Fleischwelt durch ihre Teetasse.





Director Alif Buterinote        

Sinopsi Children from Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo are too tired by all forms of kidnappings they are subjected by force to be recruited into the rebel armed groups to destroy peace in the country.


Fotograma de la pel·lícula i de la directora SUZANNAH MIRGHANI


10' QATAR Doha    

Directora Suzannah Mirghani  

Fotografia Suzannah Mirghani

Sinopsi Hind is a bedouin girl who spends weeks alone in the tent as her husband hunts. In her poetic monologue, she recounts a strange dream about wandering alone in the desert, meeting an old oracle, and having glimpses into a future Doha city.


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