31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN




Abierto 6 minuts de Paola Mazlum . Mèxic

SINOPSI Laura is an enthusiastic and passionate girl who runs a store along with her grandfather, Antonio, sharing the same hope which is to have visitors again. Although the place has been forgotten by the people of the city it has become the stage of countless…  

Anna Con Doble N 11 minuts de Luisa Jauregui . Mèxic

SINOPSI Ana, wants to start a new life, and to do this, she must put out the light that has keeps blinding…

Cicatriz 12 minuts de José Alberto Cerrillo. Mèxic

SINOPSI  A journalist investigates a network of kidnappers; When her safety is compromised she debates between her profession or her life.

Desde el Fondo 5 minuts d' Arturo Pons. Mèxic

SINOPSI The moment when a couple finds out that their relation reaches rock bottom.

En las alturas 10 minuts d' Omar Neri (Edgar Omar Alejandro Gutiérrez Neri) . Mèxic

SINOPSI Després de dirigir un documental sobre miners explotats sota terra, "En las alturas" són els mateixos personatges, ara soldadors, aixecant un gran edifici. També arriscant i morint. 

No me extrañarás 13 minuts d' Omar Alcalá. Mèxic

SINOPSI Sarah, a woman of 70 years lives in a modest house along with Silvia, her only daughter, who suffers from the disease of  early Alzheimer. Sarah has taken care of her daughter since she was diagnosed with the disease, but the disease has progressed..

Que sean verdad los cuentos 12 minuts de Laura  Zacanini i Bernardo Govea Govea Vázquez. Mèxic

SINOPSI Gregorio is a six-year-old boy convinced that he will become rich in a short time, under this hope he promises his family to buy them what they need, but ignores what's really happening with them. 

Tan Humanos 11 minuts de Natyeli Guevara Lafarga. Mèxic

SINOPSI Are you happy? Human imperfection tends to dissatisfaction. “So human” portrays the married life of a young and happy couple and how their lives change after Ángela, their daughter was born. Sergio sees an opportunity to recover the relationship...

Yo era un dragón 20 minuts de Cristián Macouzet. Mèxic

SINOPSI Carlos is a boy who has a great talent for playing chess, but he does not know how to handle the pressure. This causes him to move away from the game. Twenty years later, Carlos is reunited with his former teacher, who convinces him to return to compete…