31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN






10 minuts de Bernardo Rumaga. Sant Gregori i Mèxic 

Protagonitzada per Carla Nieto   


Ma Belle 

16 minuts d' Antoni Caimari Caldés. Girona

SINOPSI The obsession for beauty is named after a woman.




Madres de Luna 

15 minuts d' Alicia Albares. Girona

SINOPSI Four women, of diferent places in the world, are united by the voice of a very special baby: the little girl that was not able to be born of them, but who lived in their tummies. She narrates her past lifes while struggles for her primary goal: to be born...




Animales de Cristal 

16 minuts de Guillermo Osorto. Girona

SINOPSI Zoe must face her fear of growing up when Mickey, her roommate, decides to move in with her partner. Feelings start to flourish on their last night together and their lives will never be the same again.

Custodia compartida 

5 minuts de Carlus Fábrega. Figueres Girona

SINOPSI Joint custody is the little story of a brief encounter between Carlos and Carmen to exchange their dear Pablito, whose custody they share. Carlos hasn’t gotten over the breakup yet, and he tries to use Pablo to reconnect with Carmen, although the differen...


Después de la bandera 

7 minuts de Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas. Palamós

SINOPSI Eloi emerges from the sea, he dresses a suit and carries a heavy suitcase. His holidays have just started but anything seems to be as expected.

El Cuerpo Etéreo 

3 minuts d' Alvaro M. Dobaño. Pals

SINOPSI  Josep M. Buxó is an outcast that devoted his whole life to trascend his mortal being.  At his 81 years old he still fights against the memories of his dead parents, against time and reality.



El hombre que construía Dragones 

9 minuts de Eiande Setoain. Caldes de Malavella i Mèxic

SINOPSI  A simple relationship through paper-made animal figurines in a school yard. An innocent relationship to the eyes of their protagonists: a kid named Diego and a mysterious old man.



El sabor de la mandarina 

7 minuts de Julio Suárez. Banyoles

SINOPSI The loss of the memory turns into the anxiety to feel how we leave this world.



Es tu presente 

2 minuts d' Alfonso Jacob Correa Vázquez. Caldes de Malavella i Mèxic    



68 minuts de David Castro. Cadaqués   

Etiqueta Negra 

11 minuts de David Vergés. Figueres

SINOPSI Etiqueta Negra is a love story and masks. It tells the story of Erik, a night shift employee from a lonely gas station and Alex, a client who lately goes around assiduously. Tonight something is going to happen that will give them the opportunity...



La Estación 

10 minuts de Javier Chacártegui. Ribas de Freser Girona

SINOPSI Gregorio is an old man who, after dying, ends up at a train station in the middle of nowhere wearing nothing but his pyjamas.



La roda 

14 minuts de Mateu Ciurana. Caldes de Malavella    



L'amor blanc de Besançon 

30 minuts de Sandra Sàrrias. Mataró

SINOPSI Two friends speak of the ancient love of one of them, a pure love given by a character who becomes a modern god influenced and inspired by a revolutionary nineteenth-century artist. Behind the scenes, a possible return is felt.



Memorias del Agua 

9 minuts d' Anaís Medina i Tony Navarro. Granollers

SINOPSI In the shortfilm one that treats the racial and sexual diversity of Carla and Helena, two young women who dream of being Olympic swimmers and who keep their friendship secret due to the racism of their families. The shortfilm shows us the reunion of...



Mon Germà 

12 minuts de Martí Dols Roca. Lloret de Mar i Barcelona

SINOPSI Two estranged brothers go on a fishing trip after the death of their father, forcing them to face the long standing tension between them.

Sesgo, prejuicios y golosinas 

15 minuts de Marc Font. Girona

SINOPSI  When leaving school Alex and Wanda decide to spend the money of the bus in the store of toys and candies. Mario is desperate and Malikwill help him. They want to rob that same store. The store clerk fears the worst, How will they react?   




Somni de l'Estany 

30 minuts d' Orna. Banyoles

SINOPSI A humble farmer is suddently shocked by a clear vision: the lands where he lives and works are going to be violently and immediately flooded.




Te quiero 

7 minuts de Jordi Izquierdo. Lloret de Mar

SINOPSI Historia d'amor i insatisfaccions.





13 minuts de Marlene Poblet. Caldes de Malavella i Barcelona

SINOPSI The time clock is real and, based on the story that an unknown old man explains to him, Nil will discover the dangers that it implies to have it in his hands in order to protect him. Time is a mystery...





5 minuts de Raül Busquets. Blanes

SINOPSI Sinopsis Una joven estudiante de cine ha decidido participar en un concurso de cortometrajes como realizadora. Para ello debe desplazarse al pueblo de Palafolls e inscribir a todo el equipo en una hora límite. Durante el desplazamiento recibe malas noticies...




5 minuts de Julie-Estel Soard. Girona i França 



Madres de luna de Alicia Albarez


Maracarena Gomez .... per Ma Belle

Carla Nieto  ................. per Duele