31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN




CASA de CULTURA de Girona Plaça Hospital 6, Girona:  DIVENDRES -  FRIDAY 28 september, at 3pm screening                                      VALVI  Av. Jaume I, 42 Girona >>>

Agraiments premiats



10 minuts d' Abtin Mozafari. Iran, República islàmica

SINOPSI A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria. "this is the first episode of my episodic film and I'm going to make the next three episodes. in this film, you will see a container and the story of the container...



MENCIO ESPECIAL per la imatge i el so

The Stream VIII 

7 minuts d' Hiroya Sakurai. Japó

SINOPSI In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules. In that way, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. The theme of this work is the liveliness of the water...



MENCIÓ ESPECIAL per la seva creativitat


11 minuts d' Or Meir Schraiber. Mevaseret Zion. Israel

SINOPSI SHIVTA is a short dance film telling a cinematic and kinetic exploration of two lost desert wanderers. In a form of Fata-Morgana, a doubtful portal appears in the distance.  Curiosity takes over and the two, as the narrative rolls forward, find themselves

3 peonies 

3 minuts de Stephanie M. Barber. Estats Units

SINOPSI A brief, poetic 16mm film on a simple sculptural action. What becomes apparent is the humor possible in material interactions and the tender and sometimes melodramatic symbolism of cut flowers. What begins as a reverence for natural beauty ends up pointin



59 Moroccan Seconds 

1 minuts de David Wells. Marroc

SINOPSI Una serie rápida y deslumbrante de intensas animaciones de lapso de tiempo se suman a una película de 59 segundos que ofrece al espectador una muestra de las vistas, los sonidos, los olores y los sabores de Marruecos.



Abstract nr.1 

2 minuts de Jeroen Ter Well. Paisos Baixos




Alcobas Blancas 

3 minuts de Gabriel Moran. Espanya

SINOPSI The most important moment of the thoughts and emotions of a man who strives for the warm arrival of his partner.



Am I oright 

4 minuts de Yen Liang Chen. Taiwan

SINOPSI The basic performance of the experimental animation, “AM I ORIGHT”, is based on sounds. The sounds which were recorded, mixed and edited, were used as the basic performance of the animation creation. To indicate the author’s actual experience of getting l




4 minuts de Maria Pulido Aguz i Alba Capilla Elena. Espanya

SINOPSI Ana es una joven llena de inseguridades. Atrapada en su inconsciente, desea poder aceptar su propia identidad, pero sus complejos le impiden disfrutar plenamente de la vida. Ámome es un alegato surrealista en favor del amor propio, la comunicación interna...


3 minuts de Costantinos Chaidalis. Grècia

SINOPSI An aged desolation, She sits by old Shannon’s flowing, A mother of many children, Of children exiled and dead, In her home, with bent head, homeless, Clasping her knees she sits, Keening, keening!  - “The Banshee”, John Todhunter  According to Irish mytho





4 minuts de Cecilia Araneda. Canada

SINOPSI With intricate hand-printed 16 mm footage, Before is a dark ode to the possibility and impossibility of love. It reflects on time, inner worlds and soft landings we find in desolate moments in life.



Beth's three o'clock with Dr. Harlow 

2 minuts de Emma Penaz Eisner. Estats Units

SINOPSI Beth discloses a recent dream to her analyst.  A vivid study of casual brutality and failed empathy, this surrealistic film intermixes stop motion animation with live action sequences.



Bleeding and burning 

3 minuts de Guilaume Marin. Canada

SINOPSI An orbit of red and black. Coordinated by the assembly to reach a new galaxy. Neither dance nor editing and collage Encounter of the human and the form in a paréidolie universe.

Blessing 1 

1 minuts de Erika Suderburg. Estats Units

SINOPSI  A portable blessing, which can be given to anyone anywhere as needed.  One in a series of ten.



Boy transcoded from phosphene 

2 minuts de Rodrigo Faustini. Brasil

SINOPSI Trapped in phosphene, raw documentary footage unfolds its digital self, receding into its abstract infancy, a memory image unspooled from the dependency of a referent, affected  by its' internal life. A computer sees without eyes.




Charlie Goes to Art School 

2 minuts de Evan Meyer. Estats Units

SINOPSI An experimental short made up of rayographs.



Dynamic within static 

3 minuts de Robert Sirvent Tolsa. Catalunya

SINOPSI This is a brief meditation about the nature of time. In this oportunity, i take the experimental way to reflect my vision about it.



Europe and the refugees 

10 minuts d' Albert Vidal. Sant Feliu de Guixols      




5 minuts de Jacek Jędrzejczak. Polònia

SINOPSI „Exoneration” is a part of Jacek Jędrzejczak’s project named „TEN” and as such it  confronts the subject of human being in a relation to time. Duration becomes an  expression of the slump of continuum, stoppage, and as a result – a change, an inertness. 




2 minuts de Marijke de Belie. Bèlgica

SINOPSI El film FEMINAM, ?mujer? en latín, es una obra visual autónoma de Marijke de Belie. En ella, la artista juega con representaciones de la mujer a través de los siglos. No obstante, lejos de un puro listado cronológico-científico de iconos femeninos…



Film Loop 31: Shisendo 

2 minuts de Michael Lyons. Japó

SINOPSI Photographed on 16mm film at Shisendo temple in northeast Kyoto and hand-developed using matcha (powdered green tea). The soundtrack is an excerpt from 'Eunoia' by Stefano de Ponti and Elia Moretti recorded in Torino, Italy. Images from the Film Loop…



4 minuts de Saeed Naghavian. Iran, República islàmica

SINOPSI Will the fish end the world? Review the history of wars on our magical fish bowl...


H2O <3 

6 minuts de Chilin Z. Young Ji Yang). Estats Units - China

SINOPSI A water drop falls in love with a fertilizer researcher.




4 minuts de Steve Socki. Estats Units

SINOPSI Dreamy, haunting forms transform, then ascend into a new spiritual world.



He venido 

5 minuts de Juan Carlos Garcia-Sampedro. Espanya

SINOPSI Desires, longings, hopes, dreams…desire that becomes hope, hope that ends in failure…everything combines during our lives; the uncertain future, the fading past...



Hotel Diary 

6 minuts de Nataša Prosenc Stearns. Estats Units

SINOPSI A long forgotten encounter comes to life through fragments of real and imagined recollections. Longing, memories and nostalgia are at play in a chronicle of an affair, set in a deserted interiors  of a Los Angeles hotel. The atmosphere recalls Hitchcock’s...



How To Paint Your Rainbow 

2 minuts de Erick Oh. Estats Units

SINOPSI A man dies and a red flower blossoms. Then the colors of orange, yellow, green, blue and purple come into play and combine to become a beautiful sublime rainbow.




11 minuts de María Lorenzo Hernández. Espanya

SINOPSI Impromptu es un viaje a los orígenes del cine a partir de sus padres olvidados: los pioneros que lograron imágenes en movimiento antes de 1895, año oficial del cinematógrafo de los Lumiére. A través de cinco Estudios de Frédéric Chopin, Impromptu es…




6 minuts d' Anabela Costa. França      




4 minuts de Rick Niebe. Itàlia

SINOPSI Variations on a teleplay theme song  [Based on a musical work by Philip Tagg, K is  a derivative post-Pop manipulaton of a mediatic object. An exploration of the formal possibilities of the audio-visual language that- reconfiguring "high" and "low"…




4 minuts de Camila Ausente. Mèxic

SINOPSI fade / appropriate / reconstruct / loop(holes)  an audiovisual approximation to memory, parting from two main ideas: appropriation and re:writing  memory is dynamic, live, fallible, in change. remembering implies rewriting (transforming, erasing)…



6 minuts de Ricardo Rocío Blanco. Jaén

SINOPSI Dedicada a todas las personas que acaban su vida en el mar, buscando el paraíso en una Europa inmóvil y ensimismada en el egoísmo del bienestar.



Moon over Canigou 

5 minuts de Peter Petersen. Serrallongue Perpinyà      



Neither peace nor quietness 

5 minuts de Michał Dawidowicz i Zbigniew Bodzek. Polònia

SINOPSI The rich man suffers a road accident. Instantly, like a present Job, he loses his fortune, family and health. During the state of clinical death, his soul fights for the deliverance from suffering, for understanding.  The film is an attempt to show…



Not For Medical Use 

4 minuts de Camila Moreiras. Estats Units

SINOPSI Inscription as document and inscription as documentation. Evidence and testimony. Diagnosis and reaction. The forensic puts in play a retelling of events, a (re)construction of time always already from an historicizing perspective. Its images are the imag...




9 minuts de Jing Wang i Harvey Goldman. Estats Units

SINOPSI Glints of light, passing of shadows, the choreography of perpetual existence sets the stage for this Delphian ballet. The impenetrable flow of life’s rhythms, their Sisyphean inceptions and cessations are punctuated with eternity’s ephemeral modulations.




3 minuts de Ece Yazıcıgil i Ilgın Harput. Turquia      




3 minuts de Marharita Tsihanovich. Bielorrusia, República Txeca

SINOPSI Melancólica y minimalista animación sobre la trascendencia de la existencia y la levedad del tiempo. La ilusión de la libertad y la soledad de un pequeño hombre en el océano de la vida.



Síndrome de Alicia / Alicia's syndrome 

7 minuts de Paulina Vaqueiro. Mèxic

SINOPSI Alice is trapped in monotony. After a discussion with Oscar, her boyfriend, she thinks about the dance, a passion she has abandoned, and embarks on a journey in which she realizes that she must fight for what she loves.



Spanish democracy 

17 minuts d' Albert Vidal. Sant Feliu de Guixols 




6 minuts d' Oliver Smith. Estats Units

SINOPSI Spin uses abstract images coupled with electronic sounds.

Stretching Limits 

8 minuts de Naama Attias. Jerusalem

SINOPSI  This video offers a glimpse into an inner look of the body. it creates tension between revulsion from the body and reconciliation with it. I use gymnastics leotards: That represent thinness, tenderness, discipline of the body. In order to force the body

Tal- Tears of hope 

10 minuts de Rachel Yedid. Jerusalem

SINOPSI A soul fly from a Muslim ancestral grave. The poetry of Omar Khayyam sounds in the sky of Jerusalem. A music art installation animates, various men and women light a hundred candles, and a rain of tears illuminates their eyes. 


The Purple Fight 

3 minuts d' Alberto Rey García. Espanya

SINOPSI A principios del s.XX, una bruja lucha por los derechos de las mujeres enfrenta&#769;ndose a la sociedad que le rodea. Tras varias amenazas, nuestra protagonista sufrira&#769; un ataque fatal.



Towards the Experimental Control of Dreaming 

2 minuts de Ryan Betschart. Estats Units

SINOPSI A visual prose poem on a missed encounter during a brief period of altered states of consciousness.  The "Monroe Techniques" of outer body travel can be found in Robert Monroe's 1971 book Journeys out of the Body, or summarized in D Scott Rogo's Leaving...




6 minuts de Sarah El Bakkouri i Cross Li. Canada

SINOPSI Unworldly - adj; not seeming to belong to this planet; strange.



Val del Omar and Brakhage in a water drop 

2 minuts de Joan Marimón. Catalunya

SINOPSI Images of high speed water drops according to the VAL DEL OMAR style because of the water leitmotiv with flamenco music and at the same time according to the BRAKHAGE style because of the fast rhythm combined with stops in black.


Genesis .................     de Abtin Mozafari. Teheran IRAN

MENCIÓ ESPECIAL DEL JURAT per la imatge i el so

The Stream VIII ....     de Hiroya Sakuray. Tòquio JAPÓ

MENCIÓ ESPECIAL DEL JURAT per la seva creativitat

Shivta ....................    de Or Meir Scharaiber. Mevaseret Zion ISRAEL