31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN




Els clips es podran visionar en bucle, en una pantalla de plasma a MOBY DISK, Rambla de la Llibertat 46, Girona. durant els dies del Festival, 26, 27, 28  i 29 de setembre, en horari comercial.

Divendres 28 de setembre a les 6pm a la CASA de CULTURA de Giorna, Plaça Hospital 6

These clips can be viewed in a loop, on a plasma screen, on MOBY DISCK Rambla de la Libertad number 46, Girona, during the days of the Festival, september 26, 27, 28, and 29, during business hours.

Friday September 28, at 6:00 p.m. screening at the CASA de CULTURA de Girona, Plaça Hospital 6.


Bad mechanical systems 

4 minuts de Sylvain Rusques. França

SINOPSI It's a music clip where an astronaut is running into a world he didn't understand.




4 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi. Tel Aviv Israel

SINOPSI Amnesia by Sapir Englard Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachsholi

David Mboussa הצג עוד

Baby Love 

6 minuts de Carlos Ruano i Borja Muñoz Gallego. Espanya

SINOPSI A couple.  A lonely place. An unexpected guest...



Better Eyes 

3 minuts de Nicola De Col. Perú

SINOPSI En un ambiente surrealista, un maestro espiritual entrena a un grupo de jóvenes para propagar la ideología de la canción.




4 minuts de Nalia Arenas. Espanya

SINOPSI A simple office employee gets inside a strange and excentric world. A place that will ask you if all around it is real or a simple product of his imagination... Start de countdown.




Dance in peace 

7 minuts de Massimo Moretto (in art Biancoleone). Itàlia

SINOPSI DANCE IN PEACE speaks in a metaphorical and artistic form of every kind of war, individual and social; a video designed to make people reflect on the decadence in which it pours our planet, but also to focus the viewer on the hope that we must have to imp



Don't Hide Yourself - Johnny Wang 

4 minuts de Nyck Maftum. Brasil

SINOPSI When they break up, everything around them stops, until the time. When everything seems to be lost, fate puts them together. In the chinese culture, there is a legend called "Red thread of fate," where the gods tie this thread in the ankle of the couple...




5 minuts d' India Czajkowska. Polònia

SINOPSI Art video Extreme created for the track Extreme, album Borderline by India Czajkowska& Kuba Lasocki (label Audio Cave, 2016) The video is focused on impressionistic visions playing with colours, feelings, underwater  and experimental  shooting. 




4 minuts d' Alexander Boëthius. Zuissa

SINOPSI A woman in a train reflects on taking part in a ceremony with a Siberian shaman.




7 minuts d' Alberto Nacci. Itàlia

SINOPSI FLAMENCO is the 10th short film of the Body&Sound series by Alberto Nacci. A movie about the relationship between 2 artists an their creative instruments: Cristina Benitez (dancer) and Livio Gianola (guitarist).  Written and directed by Alberto Nacci.



Fuga de Alcatraz / Escape from Alcatraz 

3 minuts de Rita Figueiredo. Brasil

SINOPSI American singer-songwriter Benji Kaplan has just released his latest music video "Fuga de Alcatraz". Recorded at the Pier in San Francisco, which overlooks the famous Alcatraz prison, this song is featured on his 3rd and most recent album "Uai Sô", releas...

Honey Dear 

4 minuts de Chantelle Warda-Catalan. Austràlia

SINOPSI ‘Honey Dear, when I broke your heart - you know that I broke mine too.



How can I tell you 

5 minuts de Barbara Creutz. França

SINOPSI The words and woes of exile by Estonian poet-singer Lembe Lokk.How Can I Tell You is a sentimental journey through language and imagery.




Lava Fizz - Youth Is Dead 

5 minuts de Javier Mazuelas. Espanya

SINOPSI Un breve reencuentro con la juventud perdida.



Linda Guilala - Primavera Negra 

4 minuts de Sara Iglesias. Espanya

SINOPSI Vagando por la espesura se descubre la belleza inmortal de la naturaleza que renace bajo esta primavera negra. La tenue luz del invierno se apaga para dar paso al resplandor del sol que nos alumbrará en el camino de la vida.



Los Demás 

5 minuts d' Ana De Nevado. Espanya

SINOPSI Puppy love is  fascination. Lalo, a ten-year-old boy, spends a day with Andrea, his first love, his babysitter. On that day, Lalo will do anything to get a kiss from Andrea.




5 minuts d' Hector Parlón Polo. Anglés

SINOPSI A girl is called by someone to a maze.
As she enters it, she realizes that his boyfriend
finds there, although he cannot approach him because of the power his mother exerts. How will she break the spell?




4 minuts d' Ana De Nevado. Espanya

SINOPSI Unos seres extraños aparecen en una fiesta para invitar a tres jóvenes a que se sumerjan en su descenso a los infiernos.




5 minuts de Mikas Zukauskas. Lithuania

SINOPSI Meditation i a textile factory.



Pulverin in live 

4 minuts de Medí Terraza. Aigua Freda

Put Your Hands In The Dirt 

4 minuts de Darrell Lee Hall. França

SINOPSI Music video for the song "Put Your Hands In The Dirt" by m o k r o ï é Written and directed by Darrell Lee Hall.




5 minuts d' Héctor Suñol. Lleida

SINOPSI 1st October 2017 in Les Borges, a small village in Catalonia, their inhabitants managed to hold the Catalonia Independence Referendum. Thanks to the ingenuity, courage and strength of an entire people, the security forces of the Spanish State couldn't sto...




3 minuts de Sergio Rubio Rodríguez. Espanya

SINOPSI The numbers are chilling, the war in Syria has already killed the lives of about 400,000 people. Meanwhile, in the West, we know anything when we look at the news...





5 minuts de Stella K. Estats Units

SINOPSI “Regina” (Latin for queen) is the story of any woman, or human, who is trying to regain an inner strength that they have lost touch with. This song is the title track from Becca Stevens’ 2017 (GroundUP Music) release, an album inspired by queens both lite...



Safe Place

4 minuts de Benjamin Esterlis. Hamovil. Israel

SINOPSI There's a creature in the forest. don't get lost.

Saï Saï - Tontolaba 

3 minuts de Pepe Ábalos Galcerá. Espanya

SINOPSI El videoclip está realizado mediante la técnica del stop motion y del video collage a partir de recortes de fotografías de stock y de vídeos de archivo (British Pathè and Prelinger Archives), material mediante el cual se construye un relato ...



Savage World 

5 minuts de Conde Poveda. Espanya

SINOPSI Through simple shoe boxes, table lights, photocopies and drawings... "Savage World" is a story that, from the smallest and humble, takes you into a fantasy story where two girls want to flee from a dystopian and apocalyptic future where civilization live




4 minuts de Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx. Reunion

SINOPSI This animation made of 2500 paintings tells the story of a man who tries to run away from his fate. He is seeking for success, fame, happiness and love... But the city is too strong and he can't win. Sadly, he becomes a powerless witness of his own fall...



Second Hand Lovers 

4 minuts d' Oren Lavie. Israel

SINOPSI A young man lives in his bachelor’s apartment which he shares with the memory of all his past relationships.



Slow Healing 

4 minuts de Cristina García Zarzosa. Espanya

SINOPSI Identity crisis and a review on the corpse bride.




3 minuts de Kittytron Churro, Zoltron Monsieur. Estats Units

SINOPSI Cats protest the Big Orange Bully.

The country in me

4 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi. Estats Units

SINOPSI The country in me Songwriter-Connie Cassell Tuck Vocalist-Rita Faye Tanner  Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachsholi 

Adam Burns

The End Was Yesterday 

6 minuts de Cristina Vieira. Portugal

SINOPSI Nuno & The End invites us on a reflexive journey on the "after end". The transformation, metamorphosis and the hope for a rebirth in the transmutation of the oneself, taking place in a wild, inhospitable, suffocating world.




The formula hase been deleted

5 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi. Tel Aviv Israel

SINOPSI The formula hase been deleted  vocalist and mastering-Chris Mainfield Lyrics-Drew Andini Video production Hagit Kastel Nachsholi Mikah Dylan Hahn 

The Reapers 5 minuts d' Hector Suñol. Lleida

SINOPSI Catalonia's official anthem covered by the northamerican band A Sound of Thunder (Terrassa - Catalonia, December the 2nd, 2017).  In the videoclip appear images of the Referendum of the 1st of October in Les Borges Blanques.




The Yellow Room 

5 minuts de Kitty McNamee. Estats Units

SINOPSI In a series of increasingly lush and intimate encounters, two dancers are forced to confront each other and themselves, exploring the expansion of identity beyond solely masculine or feminine.




This girle

3 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi. Tel Aviv Israel i Estats Units

SINOPSI This girle by Connie Cassel Tuck-a winer of the josei music award in nashvill-usa. Chris Mainfield-a german song writer David Passmore-Award winning songwriter Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachshli

Marrone Video

To high to fly

4 minuts de Nadia Vadori-Gauthier. Tel Aviv Israel i Regne Unit

SINOPSI To high to fly by Chris Adams Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachsholi

Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Trapped within 

5 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi i Imram Ahmed. Tel Aviv Israel    



4 minuts d' Hagit Kastel Nachsholi. Tel Aviv Israel i Alemanya

SINOPSI Underground by Branko Bock aka Meo Pop Video production by Hagit Kastel Nachsholi.

Unhappy Holiday 

4 minuts d' Anna Haas. Estats Units

SINOPSI Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario with...




USB 2017 

5 minuts de Jake Zhang. Xina

SINOPSI In a bright and sunny morning, a special mission is assigned to Rundull, a robot designed to deliver super virus. In his special journey, he met his lifetime lover. USB 2017 is a music-driven animation edited with visuals from Jake Zhang's animation USB...




Varsovie - Lydia Litvak 

5 minuts de Rytis Titas. Kaunas. Lithuania

SINOPSI Official music video for a song "Lydia Litvak" by VARSOVIE, a post-punk rock band from Grenoble, France.   ENGLISH TRANSLATION  Eyelined eyes on the frontline Aimed at the window Your glances make waves Enough to drown rats Amidst the atrocious crowd Only...




5 minuts de Denis Volkov. Belàrius 



Bad mechanical Systems de Sylvain Rusques