31è GIFF del 24 al 28 de setembre al de 2019 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
31è GIFF  del 24 al 28 de setembre al  de 2019                                                   EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN






10 minuts de Jazmín Stuart. Argentina

SINOPSI Ramon is a mediocre worker with an even more mediocre salary, and his life collapses when the rent increases.




Dinero entre los labios 13 minuts de Gener B. Lanzo. Catalunya

SINOPSI A group of young filmmakers, led by Carla, decide to enter into the world of porn after years of trying to get their "normal" film projects off the ground. Far from solving their problems, their relationship will be affected when they themselves will have...



Adversus 2 minuts de Luis Alcázar i Vicky Vasán. Espanya

SINOPSI Kassandra, Cronos and Zeus, unconditional fans of Arkan-Hell, spread their findings about the Nogales nuclear disaster, always covering their faces with an iconic gas mask.



CGI: Sevilla 4 minuts de Guillermo Fernández de Oliveira. Espanya

SINOPSI Presented by two special effects nerds that go through every set and post-production room to show us how was the process of creating the show La Peste.



Digital memory 6 minuts de Rocío Blanco. Argentina

SINOPSI Vera and Juan broke up. What's left from their relationship is thousands of audios, photos and videos in several digital devices' memory, which don't let Vera forget, they make her relive glimpses of each stage in the relationship. With an overview of the...



El galán de Venecia 10 minuts de Martín Piroyansky. Argentina

SINOPSI The gallant of Venice is a satire of a soap opera, with links and references to the classics of this genre. A proposal that jumps head to the absurd humor.



El Maravilloso Parque Hoolister 13 minuts de Gastón Armagno. Uruguay

SINOPSI Alina is a young girl obsessed with all kind of detective novels, but she has a big problem: she works in the most boring theme park in the world. One night her luck changes when one of her colleagues appears dead. Its seems that Hoolister is not that bo...



Jingleros 6 minuts de Pablo Levy. Argentina

SINOPSI Two freelancers advertisers put music to different products: from a children's whiskey to a politician with an unpronounceable name. Two geniuses creating commercials that, without making clear the verisimilitude of the product for the viewer, will make...



La Mancebía 4 minuts de Vicky Vasán. Espanya

SINOPSI Web series in which the actress Cecilia Gómez becomes a youtuber from the Golden Age to tell us about the secret life of Seville, their customs and habits.



Los inadaptables 7 minuts de Bárbara Cerro i Sol Rietti. Argentina

SINOPSI  The public library is closed because there is no more audience. The characters are unemployed and must face the real world, a strange and hostile place for them, governed by the rules of literature.

Parecido 11 minuts de Martín Piroyansky. Argentina

SINOPSI What happens if someone very similar to you pretends to be you and people believe him? And what happens if he does things that make you look bad? This is what happens to Martín Piroyansky in Similar, a ridiculous drama where Martín will do everything...



Polis Corruptos 12 minuts d' Irene Guerrero. Espanya

SINOPSI Triana y Vallecas son dos subinspectores de la Policía Nacional que tienen el monopolio de extorsión de su distrito pero también un gran corazón.



Pulpette 3 minuts de Michele Bevilacqua, Arcangelo Iannace i Francesco Spaziani. Itàlia      




Tarde Baby 15 minuts de Malena Pichot i Lucía Valdemoros. Argentina

SINOPSI In a post-apocalyptic future Malena, Charo, Ana and Vanesa spend their days in a motorhome, trying to survive on the basis of expired goodies, venerating the tennis player Gabriela Sabatini and talking about inconsequential issues until they learn that in...



Yantar 5 minuts de José Ángel Esteban i Irene Rodríguez. Espanya

SINOPSI A cooking show where Daniel del Toro teaches recipes from the XVI century to the protagonists of the show La Peste.

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Depto, de Jazmín Stuart. Buenos Aires ARGENTINA


Dinero entre los labios, de Gener B. Lanzo. Barcelona