30è GIFF del 25 al 29 de setembre de 2018 EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN
30è GIFF  del 25 al 29 de setembre de 2018                                               EL TALENT ÉS EL MOTOR DEL MÓN




El Periple 72 minuts de Mario Pons Múria. Catalunya

SINOPSI What do a Marketing Manager of a multinational company, an old Lighthouse Keeper and the leader of a Syrian refugee camp in Greece have in common?
Life in isolation, the blockade of the individual and the dramatic situation in the Mediterranean.



En las alturas 10 minuts d' Omar Neri (Edgar Omar Alejandro Gutiérrez Neri) . Mèxic

SINOPSI Després de dirigir un documental sobre miners explotats sota terra, "En las alturas" són els mateixos personatges, ara soldadors, aixecant un rascacels. També arriscant i morint. 

Exódo : Festum 10 minuts de Erick Alonso Rodriguez. Guanajuato Mèxic

SINOPSI The Mexican rituals of the festivities combine the duality on which their culture is built: Exodus is a documentary that shows the route



La Rosa 43 minuts d' Anna Novell. Barcelona

SINOPSI Anna, the director of the documentary, has the sensation of not having said good-bye to his aunt, expired in February, 2015, the Catalan actress Rosa Novell. It is because of it that organizes a dinner with his circle more intimately to construct the imag



Serge Pey et la boîte aux lettres du cimetière 83 minuts de Francis Fourcou. Tolouse França

SINOPSI Serge Pey’s poetry stands upright, it is the bread of the poor. His poems tap their feet in rhythm and carry us on a poetical walk that leads from Toulouse to Collioure and the grave of the poet Antonio Machado.   To pay hommage, we follow a path that lea